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Groups & Gatherings

Emenator’s Groups & Gatherings is a place where users can create groups based on their interests, personal views,
or even create their own club. Please view the Emenator Official Groups & Gatherings below.

Popular Events

  • Coachella 2017
    Empire Polo Field, Indio, CA
    04/14/2017  /  4   Members
  • Spanish Wine Festival 2019
    Flagler College
    02/15/2019  /  4   Members
  • Guns N' Roses
    Estádio Nacional de Brasília
    11/20/2016  /  3   Members
  • Operation Together
    04/07/2018  /  3   Members
  • Times Square New Years Eve
    Times Square
    12/31/2018  /  3   Members
  • Even Stephen King Finds Facebook Horrific

    Stephen King, the author of legendary horror books such as The Shining and It, has officially announced his abandonment of Facebook and the reasons for his decision to ditch the so...

    02/19/2020 02:19 PM

  • World Leader's Strange Interactions on Social Media

    When it comes to debating world issues, modern society has become more comfortable with openly stating their various thoughts and opinions on social media. Hiding behind an HD scre...

    02/14/2020 02:06 PM

  • The Lasting Effects of the Australian Wildfires

    Two weeks ago the Australian wildfires were trending across all social media and news platforms causing global concern, not only regarding the damage of Australia’s land but also...

    02/06/2020 08:21 PM

  • How Social Media Brought Aid to Australia

    The celebration of the new decade was quickly interrupted by multiple global issues reminding everyone that a happy new year also welcomes new problems. Tuning back into the online...

    01/24/2020 09:32 PM

  • How Social Media Aesthetics Define Success

    “Aesthetically pleasing” is a commonly used phrase based on what the general population perceives as beautiful or satisfying to look at. Social media’s have not only gained t...

    01/16/2020 08:57 PM

  • The Good and Bad of How COPPA Effects All Users on Youtube

    For the past few years, Youtube has undergone many controversial updates that have managed to upset both the creators and the viewers. Along with the development of modern social m...

    01/09/2020 11:53 PM

  • Instagram's New Update Might Just Be The End

    Instagram is a photo and video sharing app owned by Facebook. Throughout its rise in popularity, there have been many developments surrounding the social media world itself and how...

    12/18/2019 09:42 PM

  • The Controversy Behind Shane Dawson's and Jeffree Star's "Controversy" Palette

    Two of the biggest names in content creation within the Youtube universe, Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star, recently joined forces to collaborate on a project that took the internet b...

    11/30/2019 02:16 PM

  • The Rise of Tik Tok

    It is hard to forget the revolutionary imprint that the social video sharing app, Vine, left on internet culture. In 2013, various social media threads were flooded with short, com...

    11/23/2019 08:13 AM

  • Mark Zuckerberg: Genius Entrepeneur or Legendary Con Artist?

    It is no secret that Facebook’s creator, Mark Zuckerberg, has undergone numerous scandals in his time under the spotlight. Between the controversial beginnings of Facebook to his...

    11/12/2019 04:01 PM

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We want our users to have a space to tell and share their stories, but we also want to make them part of the larger Emenator story. There's a sense of family at Emenator that is just straight up missing at other networks because on those, users are just profiles. At Emenator we set a new standard: We value people, not profiles.

Welcome to Emenator - Social Media for the NEW era! We are proud to be at the forefront of what will become the next generation of social media platforms that don’t sell your personal information, track your data, unrelentingly advertise to you, or compromise your security and personal data.

Emenator is a feature-rich and intuitive social platform and includes the Emenator Xtra Video interface, which provides a full video suite with options that are fun for all users, but also useful for Content Creators, merchants, and corporate enterprises. The Xtra Video interface also provides each user with a storefront and new ways to monetize your content or offer merchandise across the network and to the public. Emenator is comprised of first-in-the-world tools and is launching with more options and features than any other social network in history. You can customize your personal experience on Emenator in ways that you simply can’t on any other network in existence.

Emenator does not broker in your data, information, or infringe upon your privacy. We do not use manipulative algorithms, behavioral tracking, or any technologies to artificially direct users toward certain content. Enjoy live feeds and see what your friends post in real-time. You’ll never see advertisements in your feed on Emenator. We put user experience first and are proud to offer you a platform where you can express yourself with minimal censorship in an environment that fosters FREEdom, positive self-expression, and creativity.

We built Emenator for everyone and we believe that social networks can be and should be and do better. We will never lie to you. For those who are tired of the same status-quo playbook that so much of the social media landscape has devolved into, we offer you a space to breathe on our beautiful, intuitive, and powerful network. Join us on Emenator and experience what it’s like to be a member, not a product!