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About Emenator

Emenator is the new generation in social platforms. With powerful video options, messenging, intuitive interface

Emenator’s powerful network and intuitive social platform is 100% FREE—Forever.

  • You will NEVER see advertisements populating your feeds or in any videos created on Emenator. That’s just not how we roll
  • We will NEVER broker in user data, information, or privacy. That means we won’t sell your information, trade it, or allow third parties to access it. We believe in user sovereignty—you choose what you share. You decide.
  • We will NEVER use manipulative technologies, employ sinister algorithms, interrupt your feeds, or deploy behavioral technologies to steer our members toward certain kinds of content.
  • We won’t lie to you.
  • We won’t employ heavy-handed censorship practices. Stay within our Terms of Service & use common sense and you’ll always enjoy the FREEdom to Express yourself on Emenator.

If you like robust video options, no ads in your feeds, seeing what your friends post in real-time, the ability to create groups, music, real news, and some very powerful commenting feature options—Emenator is for you.

Musicians and Bands:

The Music Garage at Emenator invites you to join the FREEdom Forever Movement—created by artists for musicians and fans. You set the stage at Emenator, we provide the platform. For FREE.

Music Fans:

We’re designing new ways for you to engage with music and creators. There’s nothing like our Music Garage for engagement and we’re not done yet.

Video Content Creators:

Sick of demonetization? Want new ways to share and get your followers to engage? Looking for new options for monetization without the limits? Our Xtra Video Platform is powerful, beautiful, and will take your potential to the next level. For FREE.

Video Fans:

Tired of seeing ads running through every video you watch? You won’t find that on any video created in Emenator. We believe in an uninterrupted experience. Ask your favorite creators to give you that option. FREEdom Forever means exactly that because your experience matters.

5 Facts about who we are at Emenator and why your support means everything to us:

  1. The inspiration for Emenator evolved from the “emenations” of university students following a homework assignment in our founder’s Public Writing class. College students have continued to be enthusiastic advisors in all stages of development at Emenator. That’s why we say our network calls upon “Doers, thinkers, artists, creators, and makers”—because college students from various majors and interest areas have inspired us to give people a platform where the platform gets “out of the way” and gives people true FREEdom to “emenate”—we believe you are all already Emenators!
  2. Emenator is the world’s first large-scale mainstream social network conceptualized by a female founder and with women in key development, design, and executive positions
  3. Emenator is the only mainstream social network in existence positioning a female developer at the helm as development coordinator from inception through launch and beyond
  4. Emenator is both beautiful and intuitive because it is the first social network in existence designed by a world-class, award-winning graphic artist
  5. Emenator is a grass-roots network that is entirely self-funded—built through the dedication of countless contributors, but not a single “investor” and no venture capitalists to-date.

Why the name? The following definitions may help answer that question :




To make noise, waves, reverberate, sound off, issue, spread out, or originate from; be produced by a single utterance or resounding masses; to lift up and expand outward, to give, emit as something that defies simplistic definition; a movement that is abstract but perceptible. A ripple that becomes a wave that multiplies in strength, power, and range of reach. To be heard.




noun: emenation; plural noun: emenations

The abstract but perceptible issuances that originate from a powerful source. The participation and action issuing or emenating to be heard. The expansion of sound, and the evolution of ideas, combined with the power of change; forward motion, ebbing ahead, leading by example. The breathtaking and the simplistic. A space of being uncontained, openness; diverse voices—one humanity—a manifestation of many.



Freedom to express/game changer

Each ripple, each wave, every voice—FREEdom without the conditions—a member, not a product to be sold. A truth seeker; visionary, real, inspired, authentic, and unlimited. You are already an Emenator.