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About Emenator

Emenator is bringing social back with a powerful network and intuitive social platform designed to let you explore your interests, speak your mind, and customize your experience. If you like customizable feeds, vibrant communities, music, extreme sports, art, games, real news, and robust video suite options, Emenator is for you.

Emenator is at the forefront of a new era in social identity, bringing you a feature-rich interface and marketplace options with individual micro-site features that come with plenty of tools to allow you to video broadcast, gain exposure, market, and merchandise, and it’s all FREE for Emenator's members.

Emenator allows you to break the chains of social networks by giving you true freedom to express yourself on a beautiful feature-rich membership network and social platform. Your one-of-a-kind experience awaits at Emenator-join the movement and be a member, not a product.


  • Beautiful, intuitive user interface.
  • 18+ only—a social space built for the college/university set (and anyone 18+).
  • Personalize: Emenator has tons of personalization, including first-in-the-world tools and unique emojis. Be who you are, express yourself, and engage with fun options that take. your social experience to next-level awesome.
  • Diverse, inclusive, authentic social space.
  • Music Garage: Built specifically to support indy artists--musicians and fans love the Music Garage—like nothing you’ve ever seen before. No, really.
  • Art House: For artists of all stripes, from all mediums. High resolution, artistic freedom, connect with others.
  • Extreme: Extreme sports, Extreme entertainment, Extreme life—A space for our members who tend to live outside of the box.
  • Groups & Gatherings: Find your tribe!
  • Trends, events, concerts, gatherings and featured content—there’s something for every interest.
  • EmenatorXtra micro-site FREE with your membership. Xtra allows you to video broadcast, archive, advertise, and set-up shop. Sell your merch, market yourself or your company, have fun with product placement, connect with your customers or fans, expand your influence.
  • Unique never-before features. We’re serious, come see.
  • Image resolution preserved. Tired of the way social media downloads blur your images? We’ve built in tools that allow your images to pop. Retain your aesthetic sensibilities, preserve your moments—we care about your content.
  • Super-social: Chat, forums, groups, communities, advanced messaging, video, and image capture—plenty of options to help you connect and express yourself.