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A Young Social Media User's Opinion on Feed Ads

A great many of social media users are made up by the younger generations. Those born within Generation Z have consumed the digital universe, and have never experienced a world without it. Although we “young users” are basically birthed with the latest iPhone and a trendy Instagram account, we are considered ignorant when it comes to the internet. I will agree that the algorithms and secret code behind social media is not general knowledge of my generation, but nobody knows the ins and outs of our socials quite like us. Honestly, our concern does not lie within code, but in trends. Learning how to master a social media account and grow a following is all we really care about, right? 


How To Speak “Trend” 

Many young internet users spend half of their day scrolling through their feeds. For example, my screen time averages to about six hours per day of just looking at my social networks. When you think of “trends” you may think of viral memes, fashion trends, or the trending news on the search page, but these should just be considered societal trends, or the trends that pull focus on our timelines. The entertainment that we scroll through on a daily basis covers a deeper trend; or, a technological trend, and that would be how our socials actually work. Behind all of the fluff, young users actually notice the glitches that occur. Like how Twitter videos pause every two seconds for no reason, how Facebook is made up of more Buzzfeed quizzes than actual friends’ posts, or how your Instagram feed is not in chronological order and it literally makes no sense and screws up everyone’s feed. These are the “trends” we notice, and many of us post every day about how annoying they are. 

Stop Messing With Our Feed

There is nothing that turns a young user off more than a timeline full of advertisements. As stated above, there are more Buzzfeed quizzes than mutual friend’s posts on Facebook. The excessive amount of ads on Facebook has actually made a lot of the younger generation stop using the website, and app. This led to a migration to other socials such as Twitter and Instagram, which, at first, didn’t clog your feed with advertisements. There has been a recent trend of more and more advertisements showing up on users feeds. I see more pictures on Instagram from clothing stores I don’t even follow than photos I want to see, and Twitter is getting just as bad with pointless ads about App Store Games and Mountain Dew. I am tired of being forced to see things on my socials that I am not even interested in following in the first place, and I am not the only one. A user follows a page or account simply because they like it and they want to see more of it, but now you’re lucky if you even see their post from two weeks ago. It is annoying. Nobody wants it. 

A Social With No Ads?!

A new social media on the market, named, provides a feed with no ads. Not only is this probably the most satisfying thing I have witnessed since those slicing sand videos, but it is also a breath of fresh air. There is a freedom that comes with getting the things you asked for and no advertisements have been something that we internet users have been asking for for a long time. Young users are ignored when it comes to the digital world, but Emenator listens because the concept of the platform was inspired by conversations with college students. College students are the entire reason that Emenator exists, because the founder, who is a college professor, has dealt with numerous reports on social media trends and what young users look for in a social.  If the abandonment of Facebook by young users isn’t enough to demonstrate the power of youth on the internet, maybe the adoption of an entirely new social media platform, who wants to appeal to the younger generation, is. Because, honestly, why wouldn’t we?


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