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Advantages of Membership Based Social Networks

Emenator allows you to control your privacy and data

With all the recent news and Congressional investigations into Facebook and other internet giants, It's hard to know what has been going on with your personal information across the internet. Your search history, post history and really any interaction you have online can be sourced, tracked, analyzed and then sold off to the highest bidder. There’s a reason for this. Your data can be translated into money. And big data is big money. What these social media and search giants do with your internet history and private information has become a topic of debate among media watchdogs and lawmakers on Capitol Hill in recent months, but what has been done to protect your data, information, and privacy? Nothing. Until now.

Be a member, not a product

Be a Member, Not a Product

In recent years it has become apparent that something has to change. Selling data is a huge business in this country and around the world with companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google and Oracle leading the offensive for collecting and distributing this information to the highest bidder. After all, who can blame them? Imagine being an online retailer and wanting to know where the traffic comes from that affords you the highest profit margin? Wouldn’t you like to know the source of that traffic and capitalize on this information? Who wouldn’t! But what can you do as a consumer? Selling data isn’t going away anytime soon, but you can protect your own data and privacy if you shift your thinking.

Enter Emenator. A powerful new social network that holds freedom and privacy at the core of our values. At Emenator, we believe that you should be treated as a member, not a product. That is why our social platform has been designed as a membership-based network that is not searchable in the public domain. We don’t share, distribute, sell or otherwise collect information about our users. Membership in Emenator's private network allows you the option to option to keep your profile hidden from search giants who feed off of individualized data.

We all understand that the internet giants make BILLIONS of dollars simply selling your information, but in addition to selling data, they also force advertisements at their users all across their platforms. This is in stark contrast to the experience that Emenator provides to our members.

Emenator's members enjoy ad-free feeds. You'll never have advertisements interrupting your interaction with the content you care about---things like posts from friends, family, colleagues, and the things that make social sites interesting and fun--Emenator prioritizes your experience, not advertising dollars. What's more, is that Emenator provides every member with their own "advertisement" space! That’s right - imagine being able to advertise on your own profile and profit from it! With Emenator, you are in control, not us. Freedom to do what you want with the material that you own and produce is the vision we have for our network.

Your search is over

A New Era of Social Media

While profit and data mining comprises the bigger picture of what’s going on with the social media networks we users of social networks are told that these not-free “free” spaces are our only options. Our new network was designed to correct this misguided idea. We believe that users should not have to compromise their privacy and data to use a social platform.

Remember back when Facebook just started in 2004? Well, maybe you don’t, but if you do you will remember that news feeds and stories were not dictated by an algorithm that ran in the background. It was legitimately what all your friends were doing in chronological order. No filters. No Algorithms. No suggestions or control over the content you see. All of that has since been dismantled in favor of profit generation and limiting the user experience to what THEY want you to see. We are here to change the landscape of social media and to utilize principles that we feel have been somewhat abandoned in recent years. We will never use an algorithm to determine your news feed or cater content to advertisers or special interest groups. We won’t do any of that because… well, it simply doesn’t exist on Emenator!

The First Amendment

Our country was built upon freedom of speech. Facebook, Instagram, and Google now control what you can an cannot say in the domain of the internet. If they don’t agree with your point of view - banned. If you don’t espouse their views, banned. If you have something controversial to say, banned. In fact, just the other day Facebook banned controversial figures like Louis Farrakhan and Alex Jones from ever using their platform again. That hardly sounds like the freedom of speech to us, does it to you?

At Emenator we pride ourselves in being a community of individuals who are 18+ and enjoy being free of censorship. FREEDOM is at the core of what we do and we will always operate this way - void of outside influence. Without being able to express ourselves and be free to say what we think, do we really live in a free society? The internet is becoming more and more draconian and we aim to steer our online communities away from that dark, oppressive path.

A Nominal Fee

As most people understand, nothing in life comes free. The same applies to our service and innovative platform that we are offering to you today. We treat our social media network as a membership that allows our users to be free from data mining, advertisements, censorship, and overall oppression. We do this by imposing a nominal fee to be part of this revolutionary movement. Our monthly membership fee is actually less than what it costs for one cup of coffee! Join us in telling the powers that be that we will no longer be oppressed when trying to be expressive. Join Emenator today--the NEW era in Social Media!

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