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FREEdom Forever

Freedom Forever

The American Independence Day holiday celebrates a freedom movement remembered around the world. In keeping with that tradition, we at Emenator are choosing July 4th—Independence Day—to announce our FREEdom Forever rollout.  FREEdom Forever means exactly that: We are opening the doors at Emenator as a 100% FREE platform—Forever.

As we’ve always promised:
• You will NEVER see advertisements populating your feeds or in any videos created on Emenator. That’s just not how we roll.
• We will NEVER broker in user data, information, or privacy. That means we won’t sell your information, trade it, or allow third parties to access it. We believe in user sovereignty—you choose what you share. You decide.
• We will NEVER use manipulative technologies, employ sinister algorithms, interrupt your feeds, or deploy behavioral technologies to steer our members toward certain kinds of content.
• We won’t employ heavy-handed censorship practices. Stay within our Terms of Service and you’ll always enjoy the FREEdom to Express yourself on Emenator.

If you like robust video options, no ads in your feeds, seeing what your friends post in real-time, the ability to create groups, music, real news, and some very powerful commenting feature options—Emenator is for you.

Free for Content Creators

Video Content Creators:
Sick of demonetization? Want new ways to share and get your followers to engage? Looking for new options for monetization without the limits? Our Xtra Video Platform is powerful, beautiful, and will take your potential to the next level. For FREE.

Video Fans:
Tired of seeing ads running through every video you watch? You won’t find that on any video created in Emenator. We believe in an uninterrupted experience. Ask your favorite creators to give you that option. FREEdom Forever means exactly that because your experience matters.

Free for Musicians

Musicians and Bands:
You set the stage at Emenator, we provide the platform. For FREE.

Indie artists know that trying to break out with new, experimental, tunes, a record label is often not the best choice. With demands for commercial viability over artistic expression, musicians are often pressured to cater to the mass market.

Emenator gives you a new venue for sharing your music and building your fanbase. Experiment, share, sell tracks and merchandise, and post videos right on the Emenator platform for free. Find out what works, what doesn’t, and be free to create.

Market directly to your audience; while not having to pay a dime and with no contracts mediating your sound. The Music Garage was created by artists for musicians and fans. Come see why you should play in the Emenator Music Garage.


Free for Listeners

Music Fans:
We’re designing new ways for you to engage with music and creators. There’s nothing like our Music Garage for engagement and we’re not done yet.
Let FREEdom Ring—Forever!

What we ask of you:
1. Join the FREEdom Forever movement and sign up for your own Emenator account.
2. Share Emenator and tell your friends.
3. Let them know that there is a real alternative to networks that make it business-as-usual to repeatedly lie to their users and broker in user data and privacy while convincing the world that the only way they can provide a FREE social platform is by trading in the personal information of their users.
  - Our response is to that line of unadulterated BS is to provide all of our members with a powerful social platform and making it 100% FREE--Forever.
  - We believe that “FREE” should not come at the expense of your data, information, and privacy.
  - At Emenator FREEdom Forever means FREE, with no strings attached.
4.) Spread. The. Word.