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The Beginning of the End?

The Beginning of the End

We could very well be witnessing the beginning of the end of the dominance that Facebook has had on social media now for over a decade. This week, lawmakers and officials at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced that the tech giants who seemingly control our lives on the internet would be under increased scrutiny regarding their possible monopolistic tendencies.

It should come at no surprise that Google, Facebook, and Amazon are the top 3 companies that are facing this increased attention by government officials. More importantly, lawmakers like Sen. Mike Warner are asking a very fundamental question: What is your data worth? A bill that is being written by Senator Warner’s office would require that companies such as Facebook and Google actually inform users of how much their personal information is worth as a monetary value. When you look at how much data is gathered on a daily basis, this type of law makes a lot of sense.

How Much Data Is Too Much?

Consider that each day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created across the internet. It’s hard to quantify that large of a number, but if we relate it to something tangible, such as pennies, we begin to see the bigger picture. If we were to take 2.5 quintillion pennies and lay them flat next to each other, it would cover the surface of the planet 5 times. That puts into perspective just how much data is being created and collected on a daily basis. It’s an incredible amount of data that big business is willing to pay an incredible amount of money for. It helps forecast purchasing trends and makes marketing more efficient when trying to get the end user to make a purchase.

This, perhaps, is the single most troubling thing about social media giants like Facebook. They know where you are, what you are doing, what you are thinking, who you are communicating with and what your purchase patterns are. Their algorithm shows you what they want you to see, not what you might find most interesting or enjoyable. This allows them to place undue political influence at the center of their platform in order to sway users’ minds about certain controversial topics.

Too Little Too Late?

We believe that these anti-trust inquiries are a step in the right direction, but perhaps too little too late. Also, just because these companies are now coming under increased scrutiny does not mean that anything will actually come to fruition. It could very well be another load of hot air that doesn’t result in meaningful action.

Join The NEW Era In Social Media

Because we cannot be sure whether or not anything will come from the DOJ or FTC, we believe this is a perfect opportunity to take back control of your life in the world of social media. Emenator has a user-first focus and we believe that you should be in control of what you want to see and share. We also believe that data mining of users is not only unfair but also unethical. We want our members to know that their personal information is just that; personal. We do not farm or collect any data on our members and allow you free reign on how you would like information about your friends and family displayed to you.

We don’t use algorithms with a hidden agenda to try and influence our users and censorship is very minimal. We believe that in an era of freedom movements that it should be no different in the realm of the internet. You should have the freedom to choose what you would like to discuss and post without administrators determining if what you shared is appropriate for everyone on the network. Join the Emenator movement today and take back control over your freedom to express yourself in a digital social arena. Join the NEW era in Social Media!