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The Dislike Button Actually Exists!

Since the dawn of social media times, everyone has been granted a special power: the ability to like a post. Receiving “likes”, or, if you are a visual person, the thumbs up and/ or heart button, brings a sense of joy and acceptance. There truly is nothing more satisfying than getting the recognition from your followers that your selfie is, in fact, not ugly or the long paragraph about your annoying coworker that you spent the last 30 minutes perfecting into pure comedic gold is actually, really funny. This may be a stretch, but I would argue that obtaining likes on a post is the only reason we are so obsessed with social media. The instant satisfaction from gaining likes makes users feel valid and want to post more. Although likes are what we want and crave, there is an argument among social media users that a dislike button needs to be an option.

Why a Dislike Button Needs to Exist

The idea of a dislike button first began as a joke. It was perceived as an innocent way to mess with those you follow. What if I prank my mom and give her a thumbs down on all of her posts? What if I dislike this person’s picture of their dog and see if they react? The more this idea of a dislike button came to fruition, the more people actually wanted it to exist. Something as simple and innocent as a thumbs down emoji has never existed as a reaction on social platforms. Instead, users have been provided with a little, red angry face and a sad face with a solemn tear falling down its yellow, pixelated skin. 

Now, these reactions are great and satisfy the majority of users reaction needs. See an article about someone getting murdered in your neighborhood? Boom! Angry reaction face. See a post about how your friend’s twelve-year-old dog died? Boom! Sad reaction face. The only problem with these options is that they feel ingenuine. Nobody can like a post about someone’s dog dying, nobody is angry about it, and the sad face does not properly represent how unlikeable of a post that is, but there is no dislike option. Why is a simple thumbs down button so impossible to receive? A new social on the block has answered the internets desperate calls, and it goes by the name of 

Welcome to Emenator

Emenator is a combination of everything social media users wish that their platforms could provide. Something as simple as having a dislike button already separates it from other social networks. Emenator acknowledges its users and knows about the holes that users find annoying in their other socials, and promises “freedom” to express yourself the way you want to. A dislike button may be a minuscule detail, but people notice its absence and they want it to be an option. It represents something bigger, by showing how other social networks ignore their user's complaints and do what they want. Emenator actually listens and delivers. So, now if you see a post that you downright hate you can give it a thumbs down because on Emenator, it really isn’t that big of a deal.

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