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Why New Social Medias Are A Necessity

Why New Social Medias Are A Necessity

In this modern age of social media, users have obtained a slight obsession over the idea of something new to play with and share on. Nowadays, if a social is not providing that mysterious thing that everyone is craving, users—specifically younger users—are quick to move onto the next big thing. Although I was personally too young to join the MySpace era of the internet (my mom wouldn’t let me), it is a known fact that it spiked the initial fascination of sharing our lives with the world. Once Facebook was created, MySpace members were quick to abandon the website and join the newest fad in social media. Upon Instagram’s adoption, a new era of younger users followed that same path and now only log onto Facebook to update their distant family members every now and then. It is quite difficult to understand what may be the root of this trend in abandonment, but as a young social user myself I have a few ideas. 

What Socials Do Wrong

Once socials left the computer screen and became accessible through apps on every mobile device, it became impossible to escape the grasp of these networks. With such an easy connection, most people end up checking on their accounts numerous times every day. Social media has become a normal aspect of everyday life, but when nothing changes people grow bored. Social media's greatest demise is a lack of innovation. Once a social has reached the peak of their ability, or just copies whatever another social has to offer, people are quick to search for something that can keep up with the times. Many socials rely on the act of mindless scrolling, which is when a user is barely paying attention to the actual content in front of them but can’t seem to stop. This strange mind game may seem like a user issue, but if you look more closely into the development and set up of the networks, most feeds are linear and endless solely filled with pictures, videos, and maybe something to read. At first, scrolling is interesting but after five minutes you close that app and open a new one just to do the same thing. For a while, that was all a social had to offer, but then as these networks noticed a lack in use, updates such as Instagram and Facebook’s stories, live videos, and tv were introduced, people started to return to their socials. 

What’s The Next Move?

Although the major socials have provided these updates to make their networks more desirable, users have already become bored. The additional sharing aspects quickly became overused and now that initial spark of interest has diminished. Most of my friends and acquaintances rarely post on their socials anymore, our thumbs are tired and our eyes are blind to the same old aesthetic, but with nothing else available what is the next move?  

To all of my fellow social media users in search of the next best thing, I would like to recommend everyone to check out Emenator. This rising network not only provides a new way to share with our friends and family but also a way to personalize ourselves and discuss our interests. Most socials are just a way to post photos with friends, study algorithms, and gain a following. Emenator has strayed away from the usual scroll structure and has provided an assortment of functions to share, monetize, and convey however you may choose. There are numerous groups that make it easy to connect with people around the world that are interested in the same things you are, a music garage for all artists to be able to share their music, live stream their shows, and announce events, multiple ways to monetize including a personal shop, ad placement, and a community shop, and so much more.

Tired of Censorship and Demonetization?  

Even with all of its features, Emenator’s greatest difference from other socials is that it provides a limited censorship space to openly express yourself. One thing that has driven younger users away is the constant policing on their content as if there is a basic set of unknown rules to follow that everyone should already be aware of. The potential threat of taking down a post, removing monetization, and even deleting an account spreads awareness about posting anything. To put it simply, it’s annoying. So, why settle for the same old, strict social media experience when you can join a new movement that allows you to post what you want to post? 


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