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Category: News
Two weeks ago the Australian wildfires were trending across all social media and news platforms causing global concern, not only regarding the damage of Australia’s land but also how the wildfires could possibly affect the entire world.
For the past few years, Youtube has undergone many controversial updates that have managed to upset both the creators and the viewers. Along with the development of modern social media, Youtube has become one of the top platforms that the public turns to in hopes to seek mindless entertainment.
Instagram is a photo and video sharing app owned by Facebook. Throughout its rise in popularity, there have been many developments surrounding the social media world itself and how users can find profit in internet fame.
Two of the biggest names in content creation within the Youtube universe, Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star, recently joined forces to collaborate on a project that took the internet by storm.
It is no secret that Facebook’s creator, Mark Zuckerberg, has undergone numerous scandals in his time under the spotlight. Between the controversial beginnings of Facebook to his recent hearings on Capitol Hill, Zuckerberg’s reputation has never remained unscathed.
Those who frequent their social media may have come across the word “cancel” a numerous amount of times on their feed and, if you are not hip with the times, you may be confused as to why people are “canceling” certain public figures. Similar to modern online dialect, such as “same” or “and I-oop”, very simple one-syllable words are used to portray a bigger meaning.
High fashion, like all other art forms, is in a constant cycle of innovation. Whether you’re a designer preparing for next season’s big show, an agency looking to sign America’s next top model, or a model working towards that breakthrough gig, the pressures to be and create the next big thing are high.
Among the media news coverage inflicted upon viewers every day, which usually involves headlines pertaining to various global disasters or conflicting world leaders, one subject has seemed to recently rise above the rest: vaping.
It seems that among the neverending social issues that cloud headlines and various timelines, the subject of Juuling has caught everyone’s attention. For those who are completely out of the loop and are wondering what a “Juul” is, Juul started off as a more discrete and portable electronic cigarette (or vape) product to help people quit smoking cigarettes.
In this modern age of social media, users have obtained a slight obsession over the idea of something new to play with and share on. Nowadays, if a social is not providing that mysterious thing that everyone is craving, users—specifically younger users—are quick to move onto the next big thing.