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When it comes to debating world issues, modern society has become more comfortable with openly stating their various thoughts and opinions on social media. Hiding behind an HD screen provides a sense of obscurity and comfort creating the freedom to post whatever the user wants to post.
“Aesthetically pleasing” is a commonly used phrase based on what the general population perceives as beautiful or satisfying to look at. Social media’s have not only gained their traction because of how useful their apps are, but also by how they look and function.
High fashion, like all other art forms, is in a constant cycle of innovation. Whether you’re a designer preparing for next season’s big show, an agency looking to sign America’s next top model, or a model working towards that breakthrough gig, the pressures to be and create the next big thing are high.
Despite the numerous memes of Mark Zuckerberg’s hearing with U.S. privacy regulators to explain Facebook’s use of their users’ private data and who has access to it, the public’s concern in the matter seemed to have only lasted a couple of days.
Nothing sets the world aflame like a social media outage. As a society, we have been socially groomed to depend on our socials (irony intended).
The American Independence Day holiday celebrates a freedom movement remembered around the world. In keeping with that tradition, we at Emenator are choosing July 4th—Independence Day—to announce our FREEdom Forever rollout.
Recently, the 5th season of Netflix’s critically acclaimed series “Black Mirror” was made available. Regardless of what you thought about this season, the second episode provided a thought-provoking glimpse into the operations of a fictional social media giant.